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Buying a Website

Buying a website can be complex nowadays, especially if you are new to the ‘web design’ industry. In today’s online market there are so many people offering different deals and frequently saying things that conflict each other. 

Most people get into web development without realising the level of commitment and work that is required. When reality strikes and the realisation sets in, too many in the industry stop keeping up with the changing technology and standards. We don’t operate that way.

We can deliver an effective website that provides a return on your investment. We can do this because we have a great team of skill specific specialists. Our team can be your team.

When investing in a website team, you want to find the following skills and qualities (which is almost impossible to find in one person):

  1. Base programming skills
  2. High level graphic design abilities
  3. Content creation and copy writing
  4. Video creation (if required)
  5. Online marketing strategy creation
  6. Traffic generation expertise, including:
    1. An Adwords campaign guru
    2. A search engine optimisation specialist
    3. A social media strategy and management system

You need to also plan for success. When you start getting large amounts of incoming traffic converting to sales leads, what are you going to do with these leads?  Be prepared because we usually get the mix just right.

Below are some tips on what to ask a web site business in order to know who and what you are dealing with:

1. What platform do you build on?

The platform is important, nowadays many use either WordPress or Joomla. We prefer Joomla as it is a ‘Content Management System’ that allows our clients to make changes at will! WordPress is a blogging software that is sometimes used as a total web solution. We do not use WordPress as a broad-base solution, even though it has moved forward in leaps and gigantic bounds. Despite the dramatic catch-ups however, we still recommend Joomla as a superior and more secure platform. 

2. How will this website bring a return on our investment of $XXX.XX?

If a web company knows their stuff, they will be prepared to answer this, showing you facts and figures on how their sites have helped others.

3. Do you have 5 current clients that I may call to ask about their level of happiness with your services?

Often web designers will focus purely on Getting more and more clients in the door and not on servicing their clients.  

4. Can you show me example clients who are ranking for a keyword that is actually being searched regularly enough to gain business?

The Traffic Generation industry can be a ‘smoke and mirrors’ kind of deal. There are many promises made and often not delivered upon. Also, beware! If they use ‘Black Hat’ techniques they will take your money and be long gone when your site is suddenly banned by Google. Unless they can SHOW YOU RESULTS from CURRENT CLIENTS that they deal with, you should really just steer clear. 

5. Who does your graphic design? Are they onshore? Can I see their work?

Ensure that your web guy is using graphic designers who are onshore (in Australia)! Offshore designers can be cheap and satisfactory at what they do – but they often lack the ability to understand our culture and therefore they don’t reach your demographic.


If you have any needs in relation to your future website – or you would like to speak with us some more, please let us know using one of the forms on our site. 

Scott Nailon

Scott Nailon

Hi, I'm Scott Nailon. I built my first website using notepad on my buggy Osbourne Pentium 133 (Windows 98) computer back in 1998. I have been running my own business since 2006 with a specialty in web since 2008. Most of these blogs are my own, if they are written by someone else I will have attributed that person at the end of the article. Thanks for reading!

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