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Getting Exposure for Your Website

Get your website Out There and Get Noticed

website design sydneyCongratulations! You’ve made the commitment and ordered your very own website, but what now? In this age of technology, the Internet is a huge, lonely and frightening place for many people. But don’t be too intimidated. Even though there are lots of other websites competing for the attention of your possible clients, it’s not that difficult to get noticed – especially if you’re willing to put yourself out there the right way.

Here are some suggested strategies you may or may not have thought about.


There’s a podcast these days on just about any subject you can think of, as well as heaps of people browsing podcast channels and choosing to listen. This is why landing an interview on a popular podcast can really drive traffic to your site.

First look at the podcasts you already listen to. Your favourites should be a good fit! Choose a few channels, send a professional and well mannered email that explains why you would be a great guest, what you’ll talk about and why it will benefit the podcaster. 

For those who are even more adventurous, you can start your own. 

Social Media 

web design sydneyTo get your web site exposed to the people who will benefit from it, join a social media community such as FacebookTwitter, Google+ and/or LinkedIn – all four is a wise idea! They will generate exposure and awareness about your website and then send new visitors directly to you. 

There are many different ideas as to which social media platform is superior, but it ultimately comes down to who your potential client base is and where they spend the most time online. You need to think of social media as a different way to communicate with potential customers and promote what you have to offer.

Guest Posting

Inbound linking strategies are valuable when it comes to your search engine ranking. Guest posting on other sites within your area of business is an excellent way to receive new visitors, gain links back to your site and get  noticed by the search engines. Once you have established a relationship with others in your business area, it will be much easier for you to submit new articles and guest posts for them to use on their websites.

Web Forums

There are forums or communities for just about anything you can think of these days. You need to find a forum that your target client would be likely to frequent and then start up a conversation. The trick is not to be a spammer, listing your website URL and then flitting off to the next forum. Instead, actually get into the discussions, figure out what the forum user’s needs are and see if the information, services, and products you offer can help.

Live Events

When it comes to the Internet, the relationships you create will influence your business success in a big way. When you can, promote your business at live events, also meet and learn from some of the experts in your industry. Most of the most successful businesses out there owe it all to the partnerships created during these live events. 

The other thing about attending live events is that meeting new people, hearing their successes and failures as well as starting new relationships are often the most beneficial things you can do for your personal-growth and the growth of your business.

Be Originally You

The main thing to remember when working on the marketing of your website is not to be pressured to try new things and put yourself out there in outlandish ways. There are lots of methods and techniques you can use to build the foundation for your business. Be original, be yourself, and be genuine to your target market and those you want to help. Sure, you may not be an overnight success, but the time and effort you put into taking your business to the top will make it that much sweeter when you do start to taste success!

We hope that this small blog post has helped you achieve more with your website and that you have all of the success you are looking for!

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