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Awesome Graphic Design Can Be Tricky To Find

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Finding Quality Graphic Design Is Crucial.

Graphic Design is a very important part of the Marketing Industry. It’s the process of creating visually appealing art. This is done using digital equipment such as a computer.

Graphic Design History

Many years ago design was done by artists who used methods like Pencil/Paper and Paint/Canvas. They created the visual representations of their imagination. 

As years went on and computers developed people moved onto computers for better accuracy. Graphic design software has developed and is more user-friendly. Therefore it became a job function coveted by all businesses. Graphic designers are used in all manners of marketing today. From branding to business cards to billboards to internet banners.

Graphic Design Today

Today, you will notice that many people label themselves a designer. In fact, there are many who do so without any right. 

Consequently there are usually two ways someone usually falls into the position of graphic designer. Either through tertiary study or online tutorials.

Tertiary Study

Firstly, those who take the route of tertiary study to pursue a career in graphic design can be the safest to work with. They have gone through the motions and been critiqued by superiors. Their superiors know the good design from the bad.

They have been taught the foundations of graphic design. And also how not to do graphic design. Sometimes a person will go through graphic design school without an eye for design. These people will find out they are sub-par fast. They either re-evaluate their choice or improve themselves. They need to be worth the job they want in Graphic Design.

Online Tutorials

Secondly, I have met many who play with ever-evolving graphic design programs out there. They enjoy what they do and feel proud of their creations. However, the problem is that these people can believe they are good at design. Sometimes, they are clueless that they need to improve. In saying that, everyone knows that in this day and age tertiary study isn’t the only avenue to knowledge.

There are lots of design tutorials which are uploaded to youtube. There are also paid design tutorials you can purchase. These avenues give people other methods of learning design.

These methods are still totally valid. However, many people will spend time learning to use a program without ever having an eye for design. This becomes a serious problem for those who do so and immediately go into their own design business. I believe their success will be limited.

Graphic Design at Sites By Design

At Sites By Design we work with Designers who are from both backgrounds. We ensure that they have the eye for design by checking out their previous work or portfolio. We also work with our designers on internal projects before using them on behalf of our clients.

Sometimes we will need a female designer for the sake of getting a more elegant feminine design created. Other times we will work with a male designer to incorporate more masculinity into a design. There are some occasions we will assemble a team of two or more designers to work on something in order to get a mix of design styles. This can produce some amazing results!

Graphic Design is a significant part of the Marketing Industry. It’s the process of creating visually appealing art. It’s is done using digital equipment such as a computer.

Do We Always Need A Designer?

Obviously we offer Web Design. Many of our Web Designers live offshore in countries like the Philippines, India or even the USA. We find that they often have the skills to create some nice designs for a clients website. We much prefer to use their ideas before adding to the costs of our clients.

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Scott Nailon

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