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How To Write a Good Blog

website design sydneyWriting a good blog is essential in today’s fast paced business world.

But why would you even want to write a blog?

Well for one thing it’s a great way to deliver information to your potential clients or customers. Those people who are browsing your website usually want to see if you are the real deal or if they should just use one of your competitors. 

If you educate your website visitors before your competition you have a much greater chance of becoming their trusted business in your industry, so use your blog as much as possible to publish articles 450 words or greater in order to keep a strong authority in the search engines as well as your own industry.

The other reason you want to write a good blog is because your Google Ranking (position in the search engine) depends on it! You will be surprised how google will treat your website as a result!

Google has almost gone as far as creating artificial intelligence when it comes to their search engine calculation program (or algorithm)! They know if the sentences you have in your blog actually make sense grammatically, they even have a way of knowing whether the information is a good read!?!

So, how do you create a good a good quality blog article yourself?

website content writingStep 1 – Establish the Keywords!

You need to ensure that you have 5 – 10 keywords / phrases in mind when writing your blogs. The more you focus on one keyword / phrase the more chance you have of being found for that keyword or phrase. You will need a little help in ranking your blogs though – talk to our website research team about that.

Step 2 – Work out what you actually want to tell the reader

Work out your main message, what you want to impart to the reader that will benefit their life. The more quality information you give a person the more chance you have of getting them interested in becoming your customer / client. We usually do this in the website planning and strategy step.

Step 3 – Write an outline and expand

Write a brief outline of the headlines of your blog, then fill in the gaps once you have a good flow. The key is to keep the reader interested in your blog – don’t give them all of the information – ensure they are still hungry for some more and constantly wanting to call you in order to get more! Think about what you want them to take away from what you have written, your content writing style if very important. You can do it yourself or have a professional content writer do it. It can also help if you just record yourself talking into your phone or computer mic. This recording can be transcribed into written words for your website and then sent to an editor. You are the most powerful person to conceptualise your web content, but you will aloways need to have it edited and error corrected!

Step 4 – Error Correcting

This is the most neglected area (even in my own blogs) of blogging and website content writing. You need someone who is very, very proficient to go over your writing and fix grammatical errors. You don’t want to look unprofessional, nor do you want Google to penalise you for sloppy content (and they really do).

Get someone you know to read it, someone you know will tell you if there is something wrong. I get someone to read mine, someone I know will be looking for errors! (We can offer this service if you like!)

Once you are satisfied that your blog post is ready for the public, either log into your website and publish it or send it to us and we can put it up for you.

Key word targeted and effective blog writing can really enhance your Google ranking and customer satisfaction. Why not give it a go this week? 

Scott Nailon

Scott Nailon

Hi, I'm Scott Nailon. I built my first website using notepad on my buggy Osbourne Pentium 133 (Windows 98) computer back in 1998. I have been running my own business since 2006 with a specialty in web since 2008. Most of these blogs are my own, if they are written by someone else I will have attributed that person at the end of the article. Thanks for reading!

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