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Occupational Safety Solutions Safety Management Plan

Work Health and Safety is important, so many businesses need a safety management plan.

Our client Occupational Safety Solutions asked our team to put together some content in the form of blogs. As well as a PDF for his website in order to add value for his website visitors.

We engaged our best content writer Kevin Sargeant to create the content in partnership with the Director of Occupational Safety Solutions, Andrew Watters.

safety management plan

The job took quite a while in this case, however in order to get the information correct and perfect Kevin laboured over it for many many hours. We finally completed a 6-part blog on how to easily create a Safety Construction Manual and then wrote a 29-page free PDF eBook (with different content) which can be downloaded and printed for reading later. Adding this content to the blog boosted the clients Domain Authority in the search engines and cemented a stronger keyword choice for the ranking of the whole website.

The relationship we have had with Occupational Safety Solutions has been one of migrating them from a broken WordPress Website to a Joomla! CMS with ‘Mijoshop’ in late 2013, managing their seo in order to get them onto the front page of Googles search for the much coveted “SWMS” keyword, then upgrading them from Joomla into the stable platform shopify late 2015 where they have enjoyed a stable ecommerce platform ever since.

We continue to work with Occupational Safety Solutions on their onsite SEO and building Domain Authority by submitting quality Guest Blog Posts to websites around the world in the Safety Industry. The results of this is a continued growth in Domain Authority and more of their products hitting first page in Google.

Shopify SEO is important for Occupational Safety.

The simple aim of eCommerce SEO is to get lots of products, ensure they have good content on their landing pages, optimise the pages and then give lots of quality backlinks from safety industry blogs around the world. This grows the authority of the site in the eyes of the Search Engines and lifts the rankings of all products in the long term.

Occupational Safety Solutions are a company who specialise in creating templated safety documentation for different businesses around Australia. Their products are written and rewritten to suite each trade and industry in order to make life easier for the businesses who rely strongly on this type of safety documentation.

Their WHS Management Systems are the best in the industry and have been used by companies large and small to cut time, ensure quality and save lives on the job. Unlike their competitors they dont make you sign up for an expensive monthly subscription – they charge you once off for a quality product, they also give you the option of buying each and every WHS document you need individually. Click for a free sample of their SWMS today!

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