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Another Google Update?

Lots of markets rocked by Google May 2020 Update – What we understand today Search results continue to churn 3 days after Google revealed the May 4, 2020, update. Google alerted it may take a number of weeks to settle. This is why that might not be great. Many updates settle relatively rapidly with small

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Planning A Website Before You Build

How Planning a Website Saves Time and Money Planning a website is a very important step that is rarely taken! In 2020, we have no end to web design companies in the market. They price themselves from as low as $99 and all the way up to $100,000.Often there is little distinction between what you

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Quality Content Has An Important Purpose On Your Website

Having Purposeful Quality Content Is A Foundation For Success! When you start in the web design process you need to plan your results. Be precise as you define the purpose of your web site. The planning process must include careful consideration of the reasons to create the site. It is not enough to state that

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How to Stop Your Website Emails from Going to Gmail’s Spam Folder

Are your Website Forms Sending Leads to Your Spam Folder? I constantly see issues with peoples’ website form submissions going to the Gmail Spam folder. This happens because their ‘Sender address’ is the same as their ‘receiver address’. Start by creating a NOREPLY@YOURDOMAIN.COM.AU. Then on your form have a reply-to email set for your own

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Master the 7 Types of Logos with These 7 Tips

Logos are all around us, on our home appliances, electronic devices, makeup products, food items, apparel, toys…. the list just goes on. When something is so involved in our surroundings, we often forget to think about its origin. But if you’re an entrepreneur, marketing expert, logo designer, or someone who’s looking to build a brand

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Online Marketing Strategies For Small Business

Small business owners around Australia have actually been rather sluggish to use Online Marketing Strategies. It’s not surprising considering that many commonly used Online Marketing Strategies don’t seem right for most small businesses. Also, lots of small business owners still hold a mistaken belief. That the only way to create brand-new client leads is through

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Anchor Text Ratios in your Link Building Strategy

For the non-initiated, making sense of SEO for humans can often feel like translating Mandarin…if the translator is a chimpanzee. Especially when it comes to Anchor text ratios! If you’re just starting out with SEO, it’s best to get your feet on the ground and establish the basics. And one of the most basic components of link building

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