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Traffic Generation & Search Engine Optimisation

Traffic is the technical word used to describe people who visit your website. In the fast paced world of the Internet, Traffic Generation services are mainly an unknown black art – or so people think.

At Sites By Design, we help the people who want what you are offering, to find you, we call this ‘Relevant Traffic’. We can use both of the following tools to help this relevant traffic find your site.

Google Adwords is the first tool we use. Paying Google small amounts of money, we use your expertise to identify relevant keyword phrases that suit your business. While these campaigns are usually cheap, they do generate a small amount of traffic and also bring you under Google’s increased attention. We also give you a clear billing to distinguish between our fees and what we pay to Adwords. We will not profiteer and give you a false impression of where your money is being invested.

Organic SEO is the second tool we use. This is a specialised and layout intensive service whereby we target commonly searched phrases and terms. Our aim is to get you ranking on page 1 for these specific searches based on your content and activity. This can lead to you dominating Google for your chosen area of service. Our Organic SEO services are listed below for your understanding.

We also have strategies which can be employed later, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and other site advertising. We can also assist you with social media marketing.

Monthly SEO

We start by researching your area of business, your services, products and selling propositions. We then identify the keywords your potential clients are Googling (you might be surprised), analyse the synonyms of these searches and then assess which ones are likely to produce a high volume of relevant traffic. We do the research and calculations using a variety of methods and then provide you with a Plain-English report which will help you know which keywords will drive the correct traffic to your website and achieve online results!

Monthly SEO is a commonly ordered service. This is the package-of-choice for those who want stable long term organic search results. Priced at an affordable rate, it still yields great results over a mid to longer term period! We do not promise first page listing – anyone who does is over promising – what we do promise is improved Search Engine Ranking Position – if this takes you to page one then don’t forget to invite us to the party! When you see the results it yields you will agree that it truly is very reasonably priced!

Our Monthly SEO is performed by a team of specialist SEO workers. Aiming at a group of keywords over a longer period of time. These keywords are usually searched under 350 times per month and are not as hard to rank on as ‘High Competition’ search terms. They may also be focused on local areas. We will, however, go after high competition keywords if you like, we just don’t guarantee the best results when you focus on the high competition phrases.



Unfortunately there are many self-declared experts fooling people who just don’t understand the technology! Here at Sites By Design, we work with our clients to achieve honest RESULTS – not to profit from other people’s lack of knowledge. Sites by Design offers our clients SEO services which give a massive return on investment!

Cheap Tricks!

There is one cheap trick that is commonly used to hoodwink the unsuspecting general public!

In your web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, etc.) there is a tab labelled ‘History’. You see, your computer continuously collects all sorts of information about your web browsing and activity. This data is used by Google and other websites to ensure you get the right type of information that you are interested in. It would be useless, wouldn’t it, if Google advertised ‘Business Women’s Networks’ to you, if you were an unemployed male? So, be aware, your computer routinely feeds Google intelligence!

What has THIS got to do with anything you may be thinking? Well it is simple! When you have visited a website in the past, and Google knew it – they put that website somewhere near the top of page 1 on YOUR web browser, so that you can find it more easily again! Now that is great for the absent-minded people who lose a site they found which was really good, but not so good for the unsuspecting business owner who is being led, or allowed to believe, that their website is ranking on PAGE 1 of Google search results under a hard-to-hit search term!

So, how do we combat this problem?

We download a browser that is easy to clear the history! I suggest Google Chrome. It is a 3 to 4 step process to clear its contents of ALL files and history. Once you have done that, open up Google and do your search – you MAY be surprised on the results you get after doing so! We offer SEO Services which give a return on investment!

Another one of the tricks people use is this:

A business owner might be told to search for their own business name showing them ‘proof’ that their site is at the top of Google, but people who don’t know your business name are not using that name. I find it despicably dishonest when customers are shown misleading information to make them feel like everything is alright! So you need to work out what people are actually searching the most, in order to know what SEO Services work needs doing on your website!

This is where Google’s Keyword Tool comes in. You get an Adwords account in order to take full advantage of the keyword synonym tool. This tool will give you accurate search data in order to help you along with the right keywords to use on your site, as well as the data you need to know to correct where you may have previously gone wrong.

Using the Keyword Tool

First of all, there are boxes on the left hand side of the keyword tool:

  • Broad
  • [Exact]
  • “phrase”

These are different settings in the keyword tool. We suggest you use the [exact] setting for the most truth about what you are doing.

Once you have that done, please type your keyword into the search box & press the blue ‘Search’ button.

Under the ‘Search’ button there is a tab named ‘keyword ideas’. Please click on that in order to see the different synonyms associated with your search that Google thinks may be helpful for you to see the search data on.

Now you will notice a ‘Local Monthly Searches’ column. if you click on this title it will organise the results from the most to least searched item.

There you have it, but now you must think about relevance.


Relevance is simple. It can be done two different ways!

  1. Ensure your keyword phrase contains a location or demographic (i.e. ‘building supplies Sydney’) IF this is done you will find much less traffic – but more of it will be the type of traffic that turns into relevant sales leads!
  2. Ensure your site has the location or demographic plastered all over it (i.e. ‘Servicing Sydney Wide’ in the header image and meta description). If you do it this way, more people will SEE your site, but only the relevant people will click into it. Be aware however, it IS harder to rank your site on the front page of Google this way.

Long Tail vs Short Tail

What’s with all the talk of “Tails”?

Short Tail: Given the example here, if you had a building supplies company in Sydney and wanted to rank using my second method, we would aim at getting you on page 1 for the phrase [building supplies], which receives on average 1300 searches Australia wide per month. That is a lot of area to catch for getting work in Sydney alone (and you COULD pass on leads to reputable companies in other States).

Long Tail: An example of long tail would be going after the keyword phrase [building supplies Sydney] which receives only 260 searches Australia wide per month – but let us acknowledge the fact – those searches would all be from people in Sydney!

So, as you would have learnt lots of helpful information from this post you would be coming to the understanding that Sites By Design knows SEO and loves to talk about it! Call us any time to talk more about our SEO Services!

Scott Nailon

Scott Nailon

Hi, I'm Scott Nailon. I built my first website using notepad on my buggy Osbourne Pentium 133 (Windows 98) computer back in 1998. I have been running my own business since 2006 with a specialty in web since 2008. Most of these blogs are my own, if they are written by someone else I will have attributed that person at the end of the article. Thanks for reading!

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