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The History of Web Design Sutherland Shire

Web Design Sutherland Shire is a much sort after Google ranking!

web design sutherland shireAt Sites By Design we operated our offices out of Miranda in the Sutherland shire, 30 minutes south of Sydney for over 6 years. We have been dominating Google Search for ‘Web Design Sutherland Shire’ for years.

At the time we had an office located on Port Hacking Rd Miranda in an industrial complex which I Would say is one of the best in the sutherland shire.

As the business grew we had the need to ensure we had a permanent supply of clients. And although we did have some great referral business coming in there still needed to be a more constant flow of sales leads.

Doing SEO for Web Design Sutherland Shire

So we did some research to find out what locals were searching when in need of a website or any online services. Whilst the search phrases ‘SEO Sutherland Shire‘ only received 10 – 20 searches per month, ‘web design sutherland shire’ receives an average of 16 per month. Not a huge search volume, however enough to send us 2 – 5 clients per month who needed web design services.

Being totally transparent with you this search phrase isn’t a huge one, it wasn’t hard to dominate. I believe most of the web design businesses in the sutherland shire area dont really know how to do their SEO correctly. Either that or are not working on their own website SEO.

Our Future Aims

web design sutherland shire

My goals for Sites By Design now are to service companies Australia wide. We used to focus on startups and very small businesses, and we still do service them. However our new target client type has a bit more of a proven operation. One that is making enough money to have a marketing budget of $3000+ per month. 

Our 5 Step process will cost around $10,000 or more and we will build an amazing website which will become a lead generation machine. The steps are Planning, Content, Design, Development and Hosting. These are then followed up with ongoing Online Marketing Services.

Scott Nailon

Scott Nailon

Hi, I'm Scott Nailon. I built my first website using notepad on my buggy Osbourne Pentium 133 (Windows 98) computer back in 1998. I have been running my own business since 2006 with a specialty in web since 2008. Most of these blogs are my own, if they are written by someone else I will have attributed that person at the end of the article. Thanks for reading!

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