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Why does my online form no longer work?

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With the email industry being spammed more and more by the day we are seeing the big mail providers create new and improved rules for emailing. As a result of these rules we are finding that some technologies which have been used or years are no longer trustworthy for use.

One such technology is the ‘Website Form’.

In days past we would set a form up to email you with the form submission and make it look like it was coming from the person who submitted the form! Now, with the mass migration to the Cloud (Usually Google GSuite or Office365) we are seeing these emails bounce due to the email server checking where they have come from and finding incorrect information.

Ok, I will dispense with the techno-babble.

In short you need a new way of doing lead capture from your website. I have been researching this for the past few months and trialing various systems and I have found one that works well. As a result I am paying for it and have decided to promote it too.

Its called AgileCRM (Customer Relationship Manager), you can register your free account here.

Not only does it capture the lead into its own system direct from your website but it also emails a confirmation direct to your chosen email address!

You can also use it to record information on clients, track where they have been on your website and run automated email marketing campaigns!

This should cost a fortune. But Its free to start and only $9.99 per month for the advanced features!

The team at Sites By Design is using it because it is nothing more than AWESOME! We can even see the country of the person who is submitting the form – it gives us a heads up if its just another offshore company trying to get a sales call in!

There is also a function to create automated emails once someone has entered their email into it! Below is a simple view of the dashboard, but to understand how awesome it is you need to sign up and get a free acount! The free account is missing the cool stuff – but its actually enough to get you going too! Click on the image to get to the free account signup page!


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