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Why you should never offshore your search engine optimisation

In modern web presentation for businesses, search engine optimisation is extremely important. Your ranking on Google’s search page is one of the main ways that a potential visitor is going to see your website, other than social media, which is another story entirely.

For this reason, search engine optimisation has arisen, and various people out there offer their search engine optimisation services to help your site jump up in the rankings, leading to more hits, more page views, and more potential customers!

There are a lot of services out there that offer to perform optimisations for search engines on your website, and while many of them are likely to work, it generally isn’t a good idea to look offshore. Particularly for local businesses, it is important for a local service.

Search engine optimisation is highly linguistically dependent. And while someone who may not speak a language as their first can likely still do a good job, it requires a degree of local nuance to properly boost your search engine ranking, at least in the single most effective manner.

Similar to general website design, someone who is optimising your website must understand exactly what you want, and exactly how you want it said. Targeting the people you want to come to your website is an art form, and you need to find someone who is willing to do so in a very personalised manner, not just follow some script that they do for every other site they optimise for.

In fact, some of the techniques that a larger offshore search engine optimisation firm may use could be potentially damaging to your site, as Google will penalise those who use so-called ‘black hat search engine optimisation,’ which could potentially create a larger headache and problem for you in the long run.

The real key to this is personalisation, and that’s just not something you can get when you offshore your search engine optimisation…


What will you receive when you offshore and automate backlinking?

I have created a study on this. We had one done on a website and created a Google Sheet with a list of all of the backlink sites they showed us – absolute rubbish which won’t help your website ranking! It won’t hurt you, however, you won’t get authority out of this type of work either!

It was done for our website ‘Natural Protein Powder’, an old business we used to run. And we asked an offshore SEO Guru to do a great campaign for us to get Google to notice us. Well, Google noticed us alright and then ignored it all.

Links to Natural Protein Powder.

Scott Nailon

Scott Nailon

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