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Google Ads Managemant Pricing

Google Ads Management is a tricky and time expensive activity. A Google Ads Manager must keep up with allof the latest changes in Googles Ad system, watch for dodgy activity and ensure that the google client is getting the best bang for their buck! Our pricing below reflects the hard work that must go into each campaign on a regular basis.


Google Ads Management
  • Google Search Network Targeting
  • 2 Campaigns
  • 1 Generic Campaign
  • 1 Brand Campaign
  • No Call Only Campaigns
  • No Negative KW Optimisation
  • Weekly Campaign Management
  • Monthly report with insights
  • A Quarterly Online Meeting
  • Maximum $1000 Monthly Spend


Google Ads Management
  • Multi-Network targeting
  • 10 Campaigns
  • 7 Generic Campaigns
  • 1 Brand Campaign
  • 2 Call Only Campaigns
  • Weekly Negative KW Optimisation
  • Daily Campaign Management
  • Monthly report with insights
  • Monthly Online Meetings
  • Up To $10k Monthly Spend

Beyond These Three?

Get Custom Google Ads Management

We’ll design and propose a custom campaign because your needs are specific enough to warrant a concept structure with ad experiments. From this, we will work out a management, optimisation and reporting fee based on the size and complexity of your campaign. Contact us to begin the process.

But Why Pay for Google Ads Management?

A Google Ads Management Case Study

Boosting Sales Leads for a Struggling Small Business with Google Ads Management

Small businesses often face challenges in generating sales leads and growing their customer base. One such business, a company specializing in workplace safety document templates, was struggling to attract clients and needed a solution to increase their visibility and generate more sales leads. They turned to a Google Ads Management company to help them achieve their goals.

The Challenge:

The workplace safety document template company had been in operation for a few years but was struggling to grow their clientele. They had limited marketing experience and were not seeing the results they desired from their organic marketing efforts. The company’s owner was aware of the potential of Google Ads but lacked the expertise and time to manage the campaigns effectively.

SUMMARY: This case study demonstrates the power of Google Ads Management for small businesses looking to increase their sales leads and grow their customer base. By partnering with a Google Ads Management company, the workplace safety document template company was able to overcome their marketing challenges and achieve significant growth in a short period. This success story highlights the importance of leveraging expert knowledge and technology to drive business growth and stay competitive in today’s digital landscape.

The Solution:

The business owner decided to collaborate with a Google Ads Management company to optimize their online advertising strategy. The management company conducted a thorough analysis of the business’s current online presence, target market, and competitors. They then developed a tailored Google Ads campaign to target the company’s ideal clients and drive more sales leads. The Google Ads Management company focused on creating highly targeted ad groups and keywords to ensure the ads reached the right audience. They also crafted compelling ad copy that showcased the company’s unique selling points and enticed potential clients to learn more about their workplace safety document templates. In addition to managing the Google Ads campaign, the management company provided regular performance reports and insights to help the workplace safety document template company make data-driven decisions. They also offered ongoing support and guidance to ensure the campaign continued to perform optimally.

The Results:

The collaboration between the workplace safety document template company and the Google Ads Management company yielded impressive results. Within just a few months, the company experienced a significant increase in sales leads, with over 250% growth in inquiries from potential clients. The Google Ads campaign not only generated more sales leads but also improved the company’s online visibility, brand awareness, and reputation. In the first month the website traffic increased by 150%, and the bounce rate decreased by 10%, indicating that the visitors were finding the content relevant and engaging. The business owner was thrilled with the results and credited his Google Ads Management company for their expertise and dedication. The company’s success with the Google Ads campaign has led to increased confidence in their marketing efforts and a more optimistic outlook for future growth.

How Google Ads Management will Supercharge your Lead Generation

Google Ads Management is an excellent idea when you are waiting for the search engines to index your website for the keywords from your SEO planning. Having someone who knows all the tricks of Google Ads Management is important, this will help you get the traffic you are aiming for before you appear organically.

Having experts manage your 'Google Adwords account' is key to getting value for money and quality results for your dollar

Your campaigns should be looked at either weekly or daily by someone who knows how to tweak them for more exposure at a cheaper cost, this could mean the difference of $2.50 per click and $12.50 per click! The key here is that you need to have a decent budget to make Adwords work for your business, spending $100 per month is going to give you little in the way of results whereas $1000 – $2500 per month should yield measurable results in the short term.