The importance of Testimonials

importance of testimonialsWhen you have a website, it is there for one major purpose (besides giving information), and that purpose is to convert a visitor into a sales lead. Many people out there create fake testimonials, and this can sometimes be obvious to potential clients who will then be put off contacting you due to the obvious insincerity you have shown in using fake testimonials.

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Mistakes made when Marketing via eNewsletter

Newsletter MarketingIt has come to my attention through receiving countless email newsletters per week that the ones who never change their template / images at the header – end up not being looked at… There needs to be a constant changing of the content to show new, unique and different content, otherwise people look at the eNewsletter and just think “Same old crapola from this guy” and delete it.

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How to get my website back

We often get asked “How to get my website back”. As a result we now offer a Website Retrieval Service.

Do you have a website which is being held captive by a so-called “web-designer” who turned out to be a cowboy who didn’t really care about your business or its success?

Our new Website Retrieval service will help you take power back over your website!

The rules of the web design industry are that you should be the one who owns your website url ( If your “Web Guy” has not registered your domain name under either YOUR NAME or YOUR COMPANY NAME then you may by LAW not own that domain name. This can turn into a massive legal problem!

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Ranking a Website on Google in 2014

Hello to all of our great website clients!

There have been a lot of changes in Google of late! These changes have caused many people considerable pain with sales leads dropping due to poorer search page ranking, or ranking for the wrong things!

As part of our ongoing commitment to research and development we came across an awesome blog which explains Google’s recent changes. We’d like to share it with you.

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Why isn’t my website ranking in Google anymore?

Why isn't my website on page 1 of google anymore?Just last week Google announced the new Hummingbird algorithm update. What does this algorithm change mean to your website? We’ve put together this short guide to explain what the Hummingbird update is all about, how it will affect your rankings and how to change your ranking strategies to actually benefit from the changes.

So, what do we know about Hummingbird?

Although it was only just announced on September 26, Hummingbird was in fact released a month before that and has affected 90% of search queries.

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The Wonders of Google Organic Traffic

When you build an online presence for your business, you not only have to think about how you want it to look, but also think about your marketing methods. Marketing is one of the most important keys in all online or offline business, it will determine successful business from failures. Getting your website noticed on Google is not a complex process, but it does take some time and effort.

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Marketing Agency Sydney

At Sites By Design we are a Marketing Agency in Sydney who focus on Small and Medium Business Marketing through online Lead Generation.

When buying a website many people in our local area stumble across us searching Google for Web Design Sutherland Shire, we use our own traffic generation services in order to leverage ourselves onto Google’s front page for this term due to its popularity in Google.

Here is what you need to think about when you buy a website:

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Let’s Make A Website

Naaaah! I’d rather make a lead generation machine.

With so many web companies promising so much, how do you decide who to go with? The cheaper providers look a little risky but offer an immediate saving, while the more expensive providers seem to deliver more bells and whistles than you desire. Before you make your decision, make sure you have thought through what you really want and need. Only with that clarity of thinking will you avoid an expensive buyers remorse.

Lets Make a Website

We recognise that the web marketplace trades on moments, not minutes. Securing attention, stirring interest, delivering content and motivating visitors to make contact are essential outcomes that must be quickly met. The average website merely presents information, a good website generates a lead and a great site generates a purchase ready client.

At Sites by Design we create websites that are good as a minimum and great as our goal.

We have designed our delivery model to perform to these criterion and we have satisfied clients that testify to our results. To say this a little differently, a site that presents information is merely a website, a website that generates motivated leads is a unit of business production and potentially a money-making machine. 

Which would you rather?


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Buying a Website

Buying a website can be complex nowadays, especially if you are new to the ‘web design’ industry. In today’s online market there are so many people offering different deals and frequently saying things that conflict each other. 

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