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Our Lead Generation Method

A Lead Generation Machine in 5 Steps

Lead Generation is key to ongoing success in business. At day’s end, what matters is results. That said, your website experience should be not only pleasant, but also confidence building and empowering. Stress should be minimised and the ship steered to avoid storm, rough seas, pirates and reefs. The Internet industry has its own version of each of these. If you get it all right you should end up with a Lead Generation Machine which works 24 hours per day 365 days per year.

Our Lead Generation Framework

For more than 10 years we’ve been employing a continuous improvement programme. Working on many different websites across many different industries, our experience and research has resulted in a framework that delivers to you, the website owner, a more satisfying and profitable experience. Our target is always either more sales or lead generation.

Simple Website Goals

Our simple goal is to provide you with the planning, performance and peace of mind you seek. Note, we say ‘simple’, not ‘easy’. There is work involved, and the dynamics and factors at work are many, yet for those who know the value of doing it right and succeeding the first time, the investment is willingly undertaken.

Methodology For Results

After spending time with people like Glen Carlson from Dent, the company behind Key Person of Influence, I found that to have a methodology is important for the sake of clearly showing what we deliver.

Our 5 step framework will be the deciding factor when it comes to the success we always work toward.

To enjoy a truly satisfying level of success, each step must be taken. Each stage stands upon the shoulders of that which went before it. Anything less and you’ll either be behind, or merely equivalent to, your competitors.

Below, we also introduce each step to lead generation heaven.

There are no shortcuts to lasting success

In the web design game business owners seldom buy a cheap website and find themselves getting bucket loads of sales leads from it, that just doesn’t happen! Just like you need to plan your business – you also need to plan your website!

At Sites By Design we dont like to blindly build websites for our clients and hope for the best, we like to work with our clients goals in mind and design their digital presence to meet their business plan for the sake of Lead Generation.

Below is the 5 step framework which we have developed over the years we have been in business, it will help you to understand the road to success. We will follow this framework to create your future online site.

Website Planning

Website Planning

Website Planning is the foundation of building a quality website. Your website planning is similar to the plan you have for your business, without it you have little to no chance of success. Read more..
Content Creation

Content Creation

Content creation is one of the most undervalued services in the web industry, however it is also one of the most important! When we talk about website content, we’re discussing more than words, we’re also talking about images, videos, downloads and other miscellaneous items. There are also factors of formatting, search engine ranking and specific visitor response goals that need to be factored in. Read more..
Website Design

Website Design

The website design phase of your project is step 3, not step 1! It should only occur after quality website planning and content creation have taken place. When the time comes however, there are some very important things to know. Read more..
Website Development

Website Development

Our Website SEO Audit will give us a strong understanding of where you are at in your SEO strategy journey. We will learn what your Domain Authority Score is, whether your website is breaking any of the major rules of the search engines, who is linking to your websites and finally whether you are currently ranking for any important keywords that you may or may not know about. Read more..
Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Online Marketing is where every successful business invests money to get their business growing. Online marketing, when executed correctly, will be your constant stream of new business, it will become the foundation of your business growth. Read more..

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