Step 1 – Website Planning

Website Planning is the foundation for building a quality website. Your website planning is similar to the plan you have for your business, without it you have little to no chance of success.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is massive, its where we find out what people are searching, how often they are searching it and how hard it is to rank for those searches. We have specialised tools for this job so that we can plan out every page on your site to send the right signals to Google in order to get them ranking in the best possible way. As your site authority goes up your position in Google will rise.

Content Siloing

Content Siloing is the way we structure the right pages of your site to sit under other pages, kind of like branches to a tree.

For example, ‘Digital marketing’ would be a parent page to ‘Facebook Marketing’. This helps Google to file your pages better and understand the relationship between the different pages on your website.

Onpage SEO

On-page SEO is the way we configure each page of your website. We embed the best search phrase or keyword for your page into the text a certain number of times as well as the title of your page and the alt tags of each image on the page. It all adds up.

Future Content

We work with you to plan future content to incorporate the right keyword search phrases in order to keep your authority growing, this is best done through constant blogging on your website. We like to make links from your individual blog posts to your main products or services.

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