Step 2 - Content Creation

Content creation is one of the most undervalued services in the web industry, however it is also one of the most important! When we talk about website content, we’re discussing more than words, we’re also talking about images, videos, downloads and other miscellaneous items. There are also factors of formatting, search engine ranking and specific visitor response goals that need to be factored in.

Content creation is more than it seems.

The Elephant in the Room

There are some who say words (or copy) are not important. They say, “Who reads content anymore?” 

Sure, there are many who don’t. Most business website visitors are on a search-and-secure mission. Some of them search, scan, navigate, decide, ‘click’, and then do it all again until their goal is achieved. However that isn’t true all the time, and for those who do read, quality matters! 

Search engines read content, so do those with ‘detail’ personality types, and the more expensive or significant the purchase, the more important content becomes. Yes, words do matter!

Can I Do My Own Content Creation?

Yes, you can, if you have the writing ability and technical knowledge to refine these skills for the web. Evaluate your skills, the time investment you’ll need to make, and what is at stake if you get it wrong. Our PDF resources will help you with some of the knowledge basics if you want to go that way.

Since copy is one of the your most significant success variables, you may choose to invest in:

  1. Creation of a Content Plan (which is done in our Website Planning stage)
  2. A professional writer who knows how to implement it.   

In Pursuit of Simultaneous Satisfaction

Content writers must satisfy both search engines and people, non-aggressively, covertly and graciously. This is the simultaneous satisfaction challenge!

Both search engines and people punish sites they perceive as manipulative. Both Google and Australians are famous for a high-sensitivity to being ‘handled’. Yet, securing a 1st page search result is usually a competitive and complex task. Moving a visitor in a desired direction is also a delicate undertaking. 

Google’s algorithms evaluate and penalise factors such as grammar, spelling, reading levels (e.g. upper primary, tertiary), contextual word use, technical terminology (measured against its own standards) and more. These algorithms aren’t published in a handbook, so those working with content regularly develop a feel for what works by experience.     

Web wordsmiths must constantly hone their skills, as well as respond to the current algorithm environment. To keep their ‘quill sharper than the sword’ demands significant time, cost and ongoing professional development. 

As artists and technicians, their skill sets are valuable. Cheap content can be purchased, often from overseas, but the quality can be questionable, especially where cultural sensitivity is concerned. The question to ask is:

“What potential earnings can I make if this page ranks and converts visitors well?”

Once you’ve run the numbers, you can make informed investment decisions.

Call us to learn more or ask a question. We’re here to help!