Step 5 - Digital Marketing

You’ve walked the journey and your website is ready. “Customers and success here we come!” … and yet … we know it isn’t that easy. If it was, every site would be a success story, and we know that simply isn’t the case. The good news is that if you’ve followed the first four steps with diligence and commitment, you’re far better positioned than most.

It’s Time for Traffic Generation

Your website’s structure, design and content is loved by Google and visitors will respond to it, so you’re positioned to succeed. The challenge now is to go where your ideal client is, be seen, draw them in, and deliver the solution they are pursuing.

Your message may be expressed many ways, such as social media, search engines, content networks and more. Whatever method you choose, the goal is to create interest and stir desire. You must give them a reason to come to your site!

If you build it, they might NOT come … unless …

A well built website without visitors is merely hope deferred, and sadly there a many websites that demonstrate such unfulfilled potential. They have much going for them, but in a competitive marketplace, they simply don’t receive the visitors that would give them life!

Just like your research, planning, content creation and construction processes, your Market Exposure Plan is an intentional and strategic set of steps. There are specific people, visit and conversion targets, budgets, images, copy, segmenting, and many processes to consider. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

This is a measurable performance area where split testing and performance metrics enable continuous improvement. There certainly are secrets and insider know-how involved, so you won’t be told everything a good Campaign Manager does, but you will see sufficient reporting to know what is bringing the return on investment you seek.

Know Your Market and Stay Focused on Your Goal

There is no single key to exposure success, nor will this be a one-time deal. However, certain dynamics will contribute to success more than others. These include (but are not limited to) knowing:

  • Your market
  • Your ideal target client(s),
  • Their needs and desires,
  • Their internet movements,
  • What reasons would entice them to visit, and
  • How you can most effectively communicate those reasons to them.

Work with these issues well, or employ a specialist to look after them for you, and the success you enjoy could be significant and ongoing. Nothing builds success like success.

Work, Web-Wisdom and Dedication

This is a journey of hills and valleys, decisions and commitment. Work, wisdom and dedication is required. The average sale doesn’t happen right away. Depending on your product or service, your ideal customer might require numerous touch points before a sale takes place. Nevertheless, the first step is the first step!

Your effective exposure campaign places tempting bait on a golden thread, casts the line to the exact place your ideal client is found, then plays catch and release until conversion is achieved. Eventually, we want them jumping into the boat, and telling others to follow them! Does it happen?

Yes it does.

Research well, plan well, create content well, build well and then expose well. Do this and, well … they will come! Again, and again and again.