Our Legendary Team!

Scott Nailon

scott 2


Web Director

Scott Nailon started Sites By Design years ago. He’s pretty nifty with WordPress, SEO, Client Support, Geek to English Translations, Setting up Servers, R&D and heaps more.

He is an ISTJ-A personality type. He rolls up his sleeves to meet deadlines and loves to ensure customers are happy, but he is also willing to make tough decisions when needed.

When he isn’t working, he’s either serving his family, relaxing with his wife Kristina or geeking out on the latest technologies.

ISaac Kristina


Web Designer

Isaac Nailon started at Sites By Design right out of School with pre-existing knowledge of WordPress and Elementor. Isaac loves to get work completed and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

Isaac, an ESFP-A, embraces new experiences with enthusiasm and charm, excelling in social interactions and adapting effortlessly to changing environments.

When he isn’t at work he is playing video games, at the beach or spending time with friends.

Warly 1

Warly 2


Web Designer

Warly is our web designer. He loved the challenge of rebuilding sites. He lives in Mandaue City (Cebu), Philippines.

He is excellent with WordPress, Website Support, design related work and loves to learn new things. 

He is an ENFJ personality type. He’s dedicated to his work and owns his work whilst being eternally joyful!

After work, when he’s relaxing, Warly loves to watch action movies with his wife. He is an avid fan of the John Wick franchise.

Our Offshore Team

What?!? You Don't Employ in Australia?

Outside the Nailon family? No, at this point in time, we do not employ people in Australia. It’s just too expensive!

Why? Well, after the global ‘Pandemic’ a few years back, it’s hard to operate an Australian web design business employing local staff and still not charge rates that most small businesses would find hard to swallow!

As a result, we have returned to employment in the Philippines. Our staff there are extremely grateful for the work and the opportunity to support their families. We employ each of our main people and works with no other company. They are dedicated to their role and your happiness.

We genuinely hope and pray that your business will be blessed by our team as it grows. If you need one of our team members who are assigned to your business part-time or full-time, just contact Scott and let him know what your needs are!