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Step 4 - Website Construction

The build, or construction phase of your website project, is step 4, not step 1! It should only occur after quality researchstrategic planning, and content creation have taken place.

When the time comes however, there are some very important people worth knowing.Your Construction VIP’s

Your Construction VIPs

Depending on the size of the web business you are engaging, the size of your project, and also the degree to which they want to ‘wow’ you with their cast and crew, your project will involve a variety of people. Each of these roles may be filled by just one person, or perhaps by a person filling that role for this particular project, or one person may even fill a variety of roles. There are few absolutes here.

The User-Experience (UX) Planner maps out the potential interactions and experiences of a website visitor. They respond to the profile of your primary and secondary target audiences, your goals, your Content Plan, as well as the other research findings compiled earlier. They forecast the decisions and responses site users are likely to make and propose plans on how to influence their behaviours.

The User Interface (UI) Designer takes the UX Plan and works out what the implementation of that plan will actually look like. The User Interface is what the user sees, however this professional’s goal is macro design, not micro design. They create the wireframes and concept drawings that guide what comes later. The UI Designer provides structure and boundaries to those who handle the project next.

The Web Designer is the person who oversees the design and build process, as well as makes final design decisions. They implement the UX Plan, the UI Plan, the Content Plan, creating a synergy of beauty and function. They might be supported by a variety of others, or all the people explained here if a ‘full-team collaboration’ approach is adopted.

The Web Designer works out how their team can make things happen - and then they make it happen!

The Web Developer is someone who builds and responds to command. They are technicians with skills that require constant upgrading and professional development. They implement the demands of both the plan and the Web Designer. They are the people who wrestle with the realities of code and web implementation.

The Unicorn

There are many who know a bit of everything, but there are very few who now enough to operate at an advanced level across multiple roles. Those who do achieve this plateau of professionalism are appropriately known as a ‘Unicorn’. They are rare indeed!

Your Key

The key here is to have quality research that empowers effective strategic planning. This in turn will enable you to create results-focused content and provide your UX, UI, Web Design and Web Development people with what they require to do their jobs well.

The success of your build, and the minimisation of problems later, rests not only on having quality people build your site, but also on providing them what they need to do their job well.,

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