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website design services

There are so many agencies out there offering web design services. And many of them are making massive promises and delivering very little. The fact is that there is very little money in small business web design services. In fact, most of the agencies that thrive do so due to recurring monthly charges for associated marketing services. Web Design makes many of them a financial loss which they make up for when they sell their marketing services.

We Are Not A Marketing Agency

The world doesn’t need yet another Marketing Agency, and frankly neither do you. The industry has given itself a bad name due to lack of accountability, transparency or measured results. Most of the time web design services offered by agencies use quick shortcuts which cause pain later. Pain for future SEO or for you when you try to edit the site!

Also, you will find that many of the bigger agencies have iron-clad contracts. Contracts which force you to ‘do your time’ and leave you in legal trouble if you leave bad reviews!

That’s where we try to be different. Our aim is to get your website foundations right before you get any marketing done for your business.

What Do We Mean By Web Design Services?

At Sites By Design our web design services support and accompany web design. These include:

  • Domain Name Purchase and Management.
    You can purchase your domain name through us and we will ensure it stays registered and safe from accidental expiry.
  • Website Hosting and Management.
    We host your website on our Australian Web Hosting Servers. We also manage your website. From security updates to website changes we have you covered. We can also manage your analytics too.
  • Content Creation and Management.
    We love to create content for our clients’ websites. And content about our clients for other peoples websites or blogs.
  • Search Engine Planning, Optimisation and Management.
    Dominating the search engines is an exciting way to see explosive growth in sales leads. We specialise in planning, execution and monitoring search engine related exposure.

You Need Marketing, But First What Are You Marketing?

Web Design Services are foundational. It’s so common for a small business to be sold on Marketing Services without taking a serious look at the website they are marketing. And some of the Marketing Agencies out there will go ahead and use a marketing budget for months before the business owner realises that it’s just not working out!

Here are some things to consider before moving forward with a marketing agency:

  1. Have you thought out each page of your site?
  2. Does your site present itself as the answer to the unique problem faced by your desired future client?
  3. Have you read it over, thought about the content and completed a grammar check?
  4. Does the look and feel of your website appeal to your target demographic?
  5. Are you hosting your business website on a quality hosting server?
  6. Are you keeping it up to date with the latest security patches?
  7. Is your site loading fast enough to keep visitors and search engines happy?

Not Cheap Web Design Services

Our aim is to ensure that your website meets the wants and needs of your potential visitor. People visit your website in order to either obtain information or solve a problem they are having. Our job is to ensure that it does just that.

Our Web Design Services exist to ensure you have the best foundations for your future online marketing needs. That’s why our 5 step framework incorporates SEO as a primary part of your website planning. Any small business accountant will tell you that planning is the key to your business working. Contact Us Today!