What is Branding?

Branding is what distinguishes your Product, Service or Company from those you are competing with. Branding includes your name, logo, colour scheme, fonts to use and even the tone in which you communicate on all levels with any entity outside your organisation.

Imagine you are at a networking event with people from all different businesses. Some will naturally and automatically grab your attention with their style and presence. Others will go unnoticed throughout the whole event. Nearing the end of that event, you will most likely be very interested in learning more about some people, be repelled by others and you might simply ignore others.

If your business was a person in that event, what kind of a person would you be?

When an Expert either brands you it is done differently depending on the level of branding and your budget. You may just get a new logo and business card designs done or you may go full circle and add a detailed Corporate Brand Guide to your business in order to show anyone who is working with you how your business should be represented.

Branding Your Company

Think “APPLE”

A Company Brand is important for large companies who have a host of products and people. It is important to promote that everywhere so that it is known.

Branding Your Product

Think “IPHONE”

A Product Brand is just as important as Company Brand. For people to differentiate between your products clearly you need to create individual product brands. 

Personal Branding


A Personal Brand is a very important part of business as people bond with other people – not logos.

Where it can go Wrong

There are 3 major types of brand to think about. Most businesses under $1M turnover per year are busy trying to push the wrong one. Below I will explain the different types and how they affect you.

If you are turning over under $1M per year you should really be pushing your Personality out there above all others. You see people buy from other people – not faceless corporations. People buy from someone they feel a rapport with so you need to get some exposure and then pitch your clients in a way that will attract them to your solution to their problem.

Giving an example, with Steven Jobs at the Helm of Apple it was worth a lot more money and people felt better investing in the company due to the person who was in control of it. In the same way, if you brand yourself well, people will have a lot more confidence in your business. This will ensure more sales conversions and more business growth.

Branding with Sites By Design

At Sites By Design we work with multiple Specialists. We will look at your requirements, assess the needs and choose a designer who we think has done previous work which reflects the style of your Company, Product or Personality. Get in touch with us today to talk more about how we can help you develop your strategy in order to tie in with your business and online planning.

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