content marketing

Content Marketing Is A Combination Effort

Content Marketing is one of the most powerful methods of marketing in the world.

I would describe it as a combination of Content Strategy and Content Writing.

There are two types of marketing effort out there, Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing. Both methods can show you some success, however, one method frustrates people while the other method satisfies people.

Outbound Marketing

Content Marketing via Outbound marketing includes methods listed below:

  • Phone Base Cold Calling
  • Mail Based Sales Letters
  • Business to Business Hawking
  • The Shopping Centre Hustle
  • FacebookPay Per Click
  • TwitterPay Per Click
  • LinkedIn Pay Per Click

Each of these outbound marketing methods relies on interrupting your potential client. This can cause frustration and make people not like you or your brand.

These methods can still have some level of success, however, they really don’t help your authority in your industry. You wont often establish any rapport with a potential client. Usually Outbound has a conversion rate of 1-3%

Inbound Marketing

Content Marketing via Inbound marketing is all about positioning yourself in the right place. This is to catch all of those who are currently looking for your product or service. Inbound marketing is done in one of two ways:

  • Google Organic Ranking
  • Google Adwords Pay Per Click

Both of these methods have their place. They are often combined to bring about synergy. A synergy of paid and organic traffic to the right page on your website.

Quality Scores

For both paid & organic rankings your website landing page should be optimised. You need to ensure it has a good quality score in both paid and organic search.

This means ensuring you know the keywords that you want to promote. You will need to make sure they are in the title, subtitles and content of your page. Your score will also benefit from tagging your images with these search phrases (keywords) in order to send the right messages to Google.

Google Organic Ranking

Google organic ranking is often the most coveted type of inbound marketing method. It doesn’t cost you money for everyone who clicks on your website. Rather it costs you for the strategy, content and optimisation services needed. These services are needed in order to gain the authority you need to get a good position in the search engines. What you need in order to get this running is a minimum of 1 year of SEO Services or 2-3 years of SEO Training. Either way, there are two things you need here, a content strategy and regular content writing.

Google Adwords Pay Per Click

Google Ads can be self-managed or managed by an expert. The problem with Google Adwords is that once you run out of money you stop getting traffic to your website. However, this is also what’s right with Adwords – as soon as you start paying you to get traffic to your website. Having an expert Adwords Management will cost you a monthly management fee as well as budgeting a monthly spend, the spend is money which goes to Google Adwords.