content strategy

Content Strategy Will Increase Your Sales

Why Content Strategy?

At Sites By Design we know that Content is King. So if Content is King then Content Strategy is Queen. In the days of old the Queen was a driving force in every kingdom, in fact she was the one who turned the head of the King. This is a powerful analogy, because without a Queen the King has no real drive or direction. The Queen would ask the King questions which provoked thought processes which directed him in the way he should go. It is the same with your content strategy, your strategy will determine who goes onto your website. It will determine where they go on your website and how they convert to a lead or even a customer.

The Buyer Journey

Most buyers go through a journey of education before they make a decision to buy.

Daniel Priestley from Key Person of Influence talks about the need to “7/11/4” someone before they will buy products or services from you. In other words they need to see you and/or your business for a collective 7 hours with 11 touch points (read your blog, watch a video etc) in 4 different ways (blog, website, store, guest blog, email) before they will become a trusted partner or a client.

The journey is a simple journey of education. The potential buyer needs to understand your industry and the product or service they need in order to solve their problem. Their problem is often what drives them to start the learning in the first place. Many internet browsers will type their question directly into the search engines hoping someone else has asked the same question and received an answer.

Your Intellectual property

At Sites By Design we believe you have a gold mine of quality information locked in side of you. This information needs to be drawn out and converted into Online Videos, Blog Articles, Social Media posts (Facebook & linkedIn). You can also self publish a book, create PDF eBooks for free download and much more.

Shaping The Buyer Worldview

The key is to think about the problems faced by your potential buyers and the questions they have as a result. Once you know those questions you start publishing content which answers these questions and solves their problems. This will establish you are the authority in your industry in their mind. The more of your content that is absorbed by a potential buyer, the more your authority grows whilst you shape the worldview of that buyer, their worldview of your industry can be shaped by you. This needs to be done with integrity whilst at the same time showing them the pot holes to watch out for and the right way to be thinking about their future purchase in your industry.

Decision Time

At decision time your potential buyer has become a loyal follower. Once they are ready to buy they will be inundated with special offers and pricing from your competitors. However you would have already warned them about what to look out for any why they should not shop based on price so those offers wont count for anything. They will avoid all the cheap offers thrown at them by your competitors who have no authority and chase your higher priced offer due to the trust you have created in their mind.

Ongoing Authority

Often buyers will revisit your site and keep consuming information on a regular basis in order to keep up to date with your industry. They will be watching for more high quality content updates through your usual channels. Whilst you continue to put out newer and more relevant content your authority with the search engines will strengthen. As a result you will achieve more visibility in search as well.