Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising has caused Telemarketing to breath its last breath!

Gone are the days of cold calling and telemarketing people, no more interruptive sales calling and feeling like you’re a bother!

Social Media is a powerful way to focus in on the right audience for your product or service.

Target your exact Audience

You can choose business-to-consumer with facebook, instagram and twitter. You can choose business to business with LinkedIn as well. You can also choose to use an organic approach to slowly build a following in social media or turbo charge your marketing with the pay-per-click options!

With Facebook you can create interesting posts for your audience, when you find one that is a hit you can promote it to friends of your audience to gain more followers of a similar kind or even create an advert which is laser focused on a specific gender, marital status and someone who like specific things. The great thing is that Facebook will give an idea of how much money you will need to spend in your budget and how many people you will have exposure to, whilst your campaign is running you can monitor the results of certain adverts and tweak the campaigns to get you better results on the fly!

Use LinkedIn to target the Business Community

With LinkedIn Marketing you can impress the heads of other companies with the quality information you are posting, advertise in a similar method to Facebook and make connections with like minded people in similar or parallel industries!

Social media could be one of the many parts of your online marketing strategy, when one method isn’t doing well the others will make up for the lack and ensure that you always have a steady constant flow of website traffic and therefore leads!

Engage with people in their time and on their terms. Truly connect with your existing and potential customers in a meaningful way to:

  • Maximise brand awareness
  • Engage and maximise share ability
  • Maximise conversion


  • Help create, manage and engage your online community
  • Post, respond and assist with this customer service channel
  • Track performance to goals
  • Help you identify partnerships, affiliates and true brand fans to propel your brand

Reach customers across brand platforms:

We can also build, deploy and manage your Social Media advertising campaigns:

  • Facebook advertising and remarketing
  • LinkedIn advertising and sponsorships

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