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Our 5 Step System For SEO Power

We have a simple yet effective 5-step system which usually yields impressive results. This system is a layered approach, starting from the foundational planning and the most crucial part of building a solid SEO campaign and following strongly all the way through to gathering links from the right websites to boost offsite authority. Over the past 15 years, we have found that building a successful SEO campaign is like building a house. It should always start with planning for a strong future. Below is the latest version of our system, we hope it is easy for you to understand as you move forward toward online success! Yes, we know the Acronym “Power” is a bit corny, but it just works!




Create an SEO Keyword Plan for each of your website pages. Work out the most commonly searched phrases for your industry and how many times per month they are searched.



Onsite implementation of that keyword plan. Ensure each page conforms to the search engine standards for the chosen keyword and the search intent is a match to the chosen client.



Write more useful content and more often. This will be helpful to your target audience whilst keeping them engaged and conforming your site to search engine rules.



When other sites refer to your website this is a backlink. When these backlinks come from relevant content on different sites around the world it adds Authority to yours.



Receiving a report of what has been done and your current Search Engine Ranking Positions is important. This should be done monthly and should be easy to understand.


No Lock in Contracts

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We want you to feel comfortable and in control when making choices as our valued clients. Our goal is to offer you a range of options that perfectly suit your needs, without any pressure or hidden agenda. You can trust that we’re here to assist you in finding the right choice for you. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities!
While we don’t enforce formal contracts, we establish a “Gentleman’s Agreement” with our clients. If you decide to cancel any of our services, we kindly ask for a minimum of one month’s notice. This allows us to carefully plan and interweave our work across months, ensuring the most seamless and organic outcome possible. Rest assured that we strive to maintain a professional and friendly approach, ensuring your satisfaction throughout our engagement.
In situations, there may be a requirement for you to commit to a specific term. However, we want to assure you that we maintain a flexible and open approach. If there is a need to negotiate the terms, we are more than willing to do so. Our priority is to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and satisfied with the agreements we establish. We value your partnership and aim to create a positive experience throughout our collaboration.

SEO Services Pricing

Planning Success

Our SEO Planning product isnt just about planning your websites SEO, its about planning the pages, their content, the value of that content to your website visitor and what you want that content to encourage your website visitor to do next. Once complete you can choose to have us create your content or you can use the report as a guide to writing your own content. The price can vary depending on the size of your website, how many pages and the difficulty of your ranking needs.

Foundational: This product is foundational to Onsite SEO Success.

Onsite Optimisation

Our Onsite Optimisation product is all about implimenting the plan that was created in Step 1. This usually heppens after content is written, however we also cater to those who have a pre-existing website with content they wish to keep. We work with some of the best onsite SEO tools on the market to tune each page toward reaching it's ranking goals. Without this step you have little chance of attaining your ranking goals.

Important: Charged per page with no more than 2000 words per page.

Writing Content

Writing Content can be the most painful thing you do as a business owner, we all struggle to write about our services! We ask the right questions in the planning process in order to get the right information, then we set up very special content writing systems that use the latest in technology to write powerful content that reads well and doesn't cause issues with search engines. We write content that puts the needs of your ideal client first.

Key Takeaway: Content is King, it always was and always will be.

External Linking

External Linking is all about what other people say about you on their sites. If you do this wrong you may suffer. It is very hard to get quality links today but when we look at the sites that rank we still see that inbound links are a large part of their success. Links between sites is the foundation of the Google Algorithm, if it was removed Google may topple like a house of cards! We have strategic partnerships with website owners all over the world to get you the best!

Fact: Your links must vary from average quality to the best quality.

Reporting Monthly

Reporting Monthly is our SEO Monitoring Service. With a low cost to help small business grow, we love this simple yet important service. We setup your Google Analytics, Search Console, manage your Google Maps, add you to our ahrefs account and give you the opportunity to book a monthly 30-minute Zoom consultation with our SEO Experts. We charge a setup fee to cover time costs and the monthly covers. the cost of our software subscriptions!

Why so Cheap? You will need an SEO Budget for other services as well.

Not Convinced about Sites By Design for SEO?

Choose Aussie SEO Services

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Hey there, my name’s Scott Nailon.

I own Sites By Design, I am also the person who you’ll be dealing with on your Sites By Design journey. I have been in this industry for over 16 years building websites

You may have small backyard companies from all over the world cold-calling you every three days, I know that I do! They are always offering you a top position in a search engine. A position which they have no right to guarantee you or any ability to get you there usually!

It’s quite common if you don’t cut them off right away, that they try to sell you Web Design or SEO services. They do so using either hope or fear or a combination of both.

They offer the hope that you could be on the front page of Google for your industry. A hope that you could be the star and as a result receive a massive net of sales leads!

Or fear that your current web designer or SEO services agency has not done a good enough job on your website or search engine campaign. That as a result, you won’t get the results you are looking for!

Unfortunately most of the time they misinform people grossly and many people end up being billed for a service that is ineffective or even non-existent. Usually, these SEO services are based on strategies that just don’t work anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions for SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the practice of optimising a website and its content to improve its visibility and rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

SEO aims to attract organic (non-paid) traffic from search engines by making a website more relevant, trustworthy, and accessible to both users and search engine algorithms.

SEO involves various techniques and strategies aimed at improving different aspects of a website, including on-page optimisation (e.g., keyword research, content optimisation, meta tags, URL structure), off-page optimisation (e.g., link building, social media promotion), technical optimisation (e.g., website speed, mobile-friendliness, site structure), and user experience optimisation (e.g., navigation, usability, responsive design).

The ultimate objective of SEO is to achieve higher rankings in search engine results for relevant keywords and phrases that are likely to be searched by the target audience. Higher rankings increase organic traffic, visibility, brand exposure, and potential conversions.

It’s important to note that SEO is an ongoing process since search engines constantly update their algorithms, and competition in the digital landscape is continually evolving. 

As a result, businesses and website owners need to stay updated with the latest SEO practices and adapt their strategies to maintain and improve their search engine visibility and rankings.

Or they can work with us!

Local SEO is very similar to Organic SEO. Except it can be much more powerful.

It’s all about your “Google My Business Listing“.

When you have a top listing on Google My Business in the area you service you will start to see a Massive influx of business coming in.

But only if there is a demand in your market you will be one of the first people see when they go searching.

The Dark side is called Black Hat SEO. This is SEO designed to trick Google into ranking you high and fast. Black Hat SEO services will usually get you banned within 6 – 12 months. Without a lot of work most rarely return to the search engine let alone the front page again!

The SEO Cowboys who use such tactics will make their money in the first 3-6 months. They will not have any duty of care for your business. Their customers usually disengage them due to a loss of search engine rankings or ineffective SEO services.

The light side is called White Hat SEO. This is mostly what we do. We follow the search engines rules carefully. 

Ensuring that your site is not offensive to the search engines at all. We stay up to date with what the rules are in order to give you the results you need.

Be very careful of those who promise front page rankings on a search engine. Unless they own the search engine they have no right to make such promises!

It’s the ‘Churn and Burn’ Agency you should avoid.

The bulk of their operation is sales. It’s like a real-life version of the movie ‘Boiler Room‘.

They will ALWAYS make you sign legally binding contracts, contracts purpose-written to take away your freedoms. They take on as many clients as possible to boost their financial turnover.

On average, Clients will give them $500 – $5000 per month. Unfortunately by the time a client realises that there are no results $3000 – $18,000 has been lost.

No! You don’t need to sign an SEO contract!
BUYER BEWARE! Don’t EVER Sign Anything!
Churn and Burn Agencies Often use SEO Services as a Tool to Legally Steal Monthly Revenue From Good Companies, Giving No Accountability And They Get Away With It!
However, Quality SEO services are also a great way to get quality traffic flowing to your site regularly over the long term. SEO Services are not a short-term way to get a miracle amount of traffic to your site. That would be Google Ads Management!

SEO Services Dont Have To Cause Pain!

SEO services can sometimes be undervalued due to previous failures. At Sites By Design, we start at the same place where many fail. Planning. It’s essential to any true success. However, the odds are that you don’t know how to do an SEO plan the way we do. After all, we don’t know how to do what you do either. So, schedule a complimentary Zoom meeting and let’s geek out together on how many searches your industry gets for different search terms! No pressure to buy. No sleazy sales tactics. Just some solid information that you can receive and taken notes on. If you change your mind afterwards and use someone else there is no harm done, and we love talking about SEO anyway!
Search Engine Optimisation should be one of many parts of your online marketing strategy. When one method isn’t doing well the others will make up for the lack and ensure that you always have a steady constant flow of website traffic and therefore leads!
Scott Nailon