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SEO Services You Can Trust

The most abused services in the industry are SEO Services!

However, SEO services are also a great way to get quality traffic flowing to your site regularly over the long term. SEO Services are not a short term way to get a miracle amount of traffic into your site, that would be Google Ads Management! 

Hi there, my name is Scott Nailon. I am the person behind Sites By Design, the person who you will be dealing with on your SEO journey. I personally manage SEO Services for all of my clients.

seo services

Why Choose An Aussie SEO Services Provider

You may have small backyard companies from all over India cold calling you every 3 days, I know that I do! They are always offering you a top position in a search engine. A position which they have no right to guarantee you or ability to get you there.

It’s quite common if you don’t cut them off right away, that they try to sell you Web Design or SEO services. They do so using either hope or fear or a combination of both.

The hope that you could be on the front page of Google for your industry. A hope that you could be the star and as a result receive a massive net of sales leads!

Or fear that your current web designer or SEO agency has not done a good enough job on your website or search engine campaign. That as a result, you won’t get the results you are looking for!

Unfortunately most of the time they misinform people grossly and many people end up being billed for a service that is ineffective or even non-existent. Usually, these SEO services are based on strategies which just don’t work anymore.

Blog Blaster

Blog Blaster

Our Blog Blaster is a simple yet effective ‘Backlinking’ package.
  • You select the blog article on your website.
  • We RePurpose it’s quality content.
  • We get you links from hundreds of premium websites.
  • You get a report with your links.

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Our ReContent Service is a little more complicated.
  • You select a blog article which gives great information.
  • We RePurpose it, send a new article written different words.
  • You approve it and then add it to your blog.
  • You send us back the new blog link.
  • We then get you hundreds of premium links to it.

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What is SEO, Really!

In my other business, Managed SEO, I explain what SEO really is. I explain it in simple human terms that anyone can understand. Managed SEO is a business which is set up to teach SEO to people who want to either run their own SEO or work as an employed SEO Manager.

Good and Bad SEO Services

Firstly, there are two sides to SEO, the dark side and the light side. There are also some methods which sit somewhere in the middle.

Blackhat SEO is a Real Thing!

The Dark side is called Black Hat SEO. This is SEO designed to trick Google into ranking you high and fast. Black Hat SEO services will usually get you banned inside of 6 – 12 months. Without a lot of work most rarely return to the search engine let alone the front page again!

The SEO Cowboys who use such tactics will make their money in the first 3-6 months. They will not really have any duty of care for your business. Their customers usually disengage them as a result of a loss of search engine rankings or ineffective SEO services.

Churn & Burn Sales Tactics

Its called the ‘Churn and Burn’ method. The bulk of their operation is sales. They take on as many clients as they can in order to boost their financial turnover. Clients will give them from $500 – $3000 per month on average. Unfortunately by the time a client realises that there are no results $3000 – $18,000 has been lost.

Whitehat SEO – The Light Side of SEO

The light side is called White Hat SEO. This is what we do. We follow the search engines rules carefully. Ensuring that your site is not offensive to the search engines at all. We stay up to date with what the rules are in order to give you the results you need.

Be very careful of those who promise front page rankings on a search engine. Unless they own the search engine they have no right to make such promises!

SEO Transparency

We do things differently. As our customer, you have control and transparency in your SEO decisions. We are there to assist in your success.

You will have the ability to pre-book a telephone call to your SEO Manager in business hours at least once per month. In this call, you can talk about how your campaign is working out and even whats next.

We work with you diligently ensuring you understand your options and sort your direction on the next step. With us, you will never be in the dark. We empower you with the data and analytics you need in order to know where you stand with the search engines.

SEO Services Delivery

When delivering our SEO Services we endeavour to be 100% transparent. We don’t do the typical unaccountable ‘Monthly SEO’ plans which are offered by most.

For example, when you order backlinking you will receive a list of the links we have obtained for you.

Industry-Wide Search Engine Optimisation

Industry-Wide SEO is all about working out your industry, products and services. Once you have a big list we research the keywords that are valid for each and list those.

As a result, we have a massive list of search phrases to use in content on your website. Content should be posted regularly for the sake of your website authority growth. Every time we release the new content we ensure that there are high-quality backlinks from blogs and other websites in your niche sending good authority back to your new article.

Content Consistency and Intensity

Content Intensity is the number of articles which you add to your website blog combined with the regularity of addition. In other words, Adding lots of quality content as often as you can!

At Sites By Design, we suggest content be posted on a regular basis. You should work out the size of your blog post (500 – 2500 words), the search term you would like it to rank for (long tail is best) and what it will be about (ensure it will be helpful to your potential customer). Then write as many as you can and schedule them to be published on the right dates.

  • Monthly (12 Per Year) 
    We publish 1 single article per month & send relevant high authority backlinks.
  • Fortnightly (24 Per Year) 
    We publish 1 single article per fortnight & send relevant high authority backlinks.
  • Weekly (52 Per Year) 
    We publish 1 single article per week & send relevant high authority backlinks.

Search Engine Optimisation should be one of the many parts of your online marketing strategy. When one method isn’t doing well the others will make up for the lack and ensure that you always have a steady constant flow of website traffic and therefore leads!

Want to know more? Let’s talk!