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Link Building is a key part of quality SEO in any competitive niche. However, it is useless without good quality on-page SEO which has been planned using quality keyword research.

Link Building is one of the SEO services that can be done in many different ways. Everyone claims to have the best SEO strategy but no one wants to let you know what it is!

Many of our competitors use link building which is outsourced to the poorer countries of the world. Countries where virtual assistants are apparently creating manual entries on websites all around the world in order to get their clients the backlinks promised. Most of the time they are using automated software to publish content on free blogging sites around the world.

We offer a few different types of link building services. Below is a list of them and the pricing.

Link Building via Outreach or Guest Posting

Link building via ‘Blogging outreach’ is where our staff reach out to current blogs in order to request they add a link to your website to their blog. With these blogging outreach services, you are not ‘paying for backlinks’ but rather for the service of sourcing quality websites who will place your links.

At Sites By Design we use no automated tools in the link building process. Search Engines can see the digital signatures of this type of work and will minimise the authority of these links as soon as they detect them. At Sites By Design our staff source our backlinks from various places around the world. We ensure quality and results for our clients by trying new strategies on our own small purpose-built websites first.

Content Distribution For Link Building

A favourite SEO strategy of fortune 500 companies is Content Syndication. This is where a great blog or website article is then copied to many media websites with a link to the original. The reason this method of link building works so well is the code which is added to the backlink. This code tells the search engines that the link out of the site is to the original article they have shared. This avoids Google Penalty issues.

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