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Our Local SEO Services are key to success for many small businesses. Geographical or Local search engine optimisation is all about trying to rank in Google for the searches local people are doing for your product or service.

For example,
[Web Design Sydney] is a search that would be performed to check out which web site designers are located in Sydney. The internet user performing this search would most likely be looking for a new web designer in their city. In order to get this ranking, we would use multiple methods altogether. That’s where our Local SEO services come in.

  • We will research the keyword intelligence on who searches [web design sydney] from computers around Australia.
  • And We will also research the keyword intelligence on who searches [web design] from computers located in Sydney.

We target your main search phrase and services location. Next, we then replicate the information in local business directories for authority. We also ensure that you have backlinks from websites with domain authority. These sites giving you some link-love to different pages on your site as well.

The Secret to Local SEO being Successful

For our Local SEO Services to be successful we need to combine success in a few different areas.

On Page SEO

Your Website Needs to be optimised for mobile phone users as well as the correct search terms. On Page SEO is the key to ensuring Google understands what each of your pages is about.

Website Content

Your Website needs to be optimised for the search terms that you are aiming to rank for. This can be done on individual pages but it needs to be done well.

Domain Authority

Your website needs to have quality content, lots of it and some great link building. As your domain authority climbs, so will your rankings across the board – especially in local maps. Our Local SEO Services ensure this is taken into consideration.

Quality Reviews

Your Google My Business listing needs to have as many 5 star reviews as possible. They need to be real details reviews which are clearly not fake. Our Local SEO Management portal can help you with ensuring your customers have the opportunity to leave their review!

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