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On-Page SEO – Planning is Everything

On-Page SEO is the foundation of quality SEO Services. When you set out to dominate your industry you need to make a plan.

It’s no different in any industry. When you build a house – you plan it. When you start a business – you plan it. Any quality small business accountant will tell you that if you want financial success you need to have a financial plan as well!

On-Page SEO Planning

Our On-page SEO package gives you the power of planning combined with onsite SEO. We plan every page for the best keyword phrase which has the most possible searches for your product or service.

Once complete you will receive an on-page SEO summary report. The aim of the Summary report is to ensure that you are happy with the ‘commercial viability’ of each search phrase. Our aim is to get the highest of average search volumes for you. We will need you to confirm your acceptance of the search terms before we continue.

This planning may come with a content creation plan, a plan for future content writing. The aim of this is to plan out each website article or blog post in advance. To describe what it will be about and assign a specific search term in order to give it the best chance of exposure.

Onsite SEO Implementation

Finally, we endeavour to implement this onto your site. This is where each page conforms to the corresponding search phrase from our plan.

Onsite SEO is just the label for doing on-page SEO for every page on your website.

This part can be tricky and can sometimes require a rebuild of in the case that a site is built by another developer. Sometimes sites built elsewhere are built using shortcuts (page builders that are not SEO friendly) which make them easier to build or edit but much harder to implement SEO onto.

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