Affordable Web Design Done Right

Landing Page

A Great Place To Start
  • Client Supplied Plan
  • Client Supplied Content
  • Simple Form
  • Up to 3 Rounds of Changes
  • PageSpeed Optimised
  • Up to 5,000 Words

Website Redesign

Make a good thing better
  • Current Layout
  • Current Website Content
  • Advanced Forms
  • Up to 3 Rounds of Changes
  • PageSpeed Optimised
  • Up to 10 Pages


Planning Leads to Success
  • Preplanned Pages + SEO
  • SmartAI Written Content
  • Advanced Forms
  • Up to 3 Rounds of Changes
  • PageSpeed Optimised
  • Up to 10 Pages

Convenient Payment Terms

Our payment terms are designed to be convenient for both parties. We issue two invoices, each for 50% of the total amount, on the same day. The first invoice is due upfront, while the second is due 30 days later or upon project completion, whichever occurs first. Payment of the initial invoice deposit initiates the commencement of your project.

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Web design Using The Best Tools

Everyone is boasting that their web design is better, and some of the time they are even building a website for you on a free web building platform and charging for a professional site! We have strict standards, spend good money every year testing the latest technology, finding best practices and adding it all into our current web design systems in order to deliver you a great website that you can self edit and keep the price as fair as we can.

"Yeah great! But what about when I need changes?"

Website Update Work

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Our Global Team

Our Team at Sites By Design is comprised of Australian based management who are supported by offshore staff who are located in the Philippines. Our offshore team is dedicated to ensuring our clients are top priority, that website changes are performed on time and that quality stays at 100%. Employing offshore also allows us to pass on some great savings associated and support families who may not have the opportunities we have here in Australia.

Ticket Based Updates

  • 15-Minute Fast Change $25
  • 1-Hour Block $75/hour
  • 4-Hour Block $240 ($60/hour)
  • 8-Hours Or More $400 ($50/hour)
* All prices subject to our Terms and Conditions.
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You know it's Done Right When The Web Design Follows a Proven System

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elementor web builder

The Choice of Millions of Web Designers World Wide!

Our Web Design System

I know what you’re thinking, “Web Design Done Right” is a bold statement that we may not have the right to make! Well, after many years in the business we believe we can speak into this. Business owners rarely buy cheap web design and find themselves getting bucket loads of sales leads from it, that just doesn’t happen! At Sites By Design we don’t like to blindly build websites for our clients and hope for the best, we like to work with our client’s goals in mind and design their digital presence to meet their business plan for the sake of lead generation and the increase of turnover. Not only do we plan, write and build websites but we also manage the ongoing hosting as well! In the Web Design industry, systems are everything. Unfortunately, there are many web design businesses that haven’t heard that yet! At Sites By Design we have been constantly refining our business processes. From simple website backups or WordPress updates to the more complex website design tasks, we are always working on how to get it done more efficiently. Below is a simple explanation of how we do our web design projects with little fuss. We have found that every time we haven’t followed these simple yet important steps the result is always a slow process and a slightly frustrated customer!

STEP 1 - Plan It

Planning is the key to any success, especially Web Design success. And sadly most web design companies or freelancers never even think about planning. We plan every page for success. We ask who the page is going to benefit, what it will say, how many words need to be written, what search term it needs to be found for in Google Search and then we think about what do we want the reader to do once they have read some or all of the content. No page should be useless and all pages should be a lead generating asset.

Step 2 - Write It

Content Writing is an art form that requires a solid understanding of who the reader is, why they are reading and what their true needs are. That's why we only write content after the Strategic Planning is completed and signed off on. Your content must be engaging, answer the core problem that your customer is looking to solve whilst not sending the reader to sleep! It's also a good idea to ensure your grammar is correct and that the content makes sense to someone you personally know who has no clue about the subject matter.

STEP 3 - Build It

Next you need to build on a professional platform which is both easy for a website owner to edit whilst still ticking the boxes of the search engines. A system which allows expansion into as much functionality possible whilst giving total ownership of the website technology in the case they wish to move it to a new host or make any changes they need. That's why we use WordPress CMS and Elementor Pro theme builder. We also ensure that our clients have access to the knowledge they need in order to make changes to their site.

STEP 4 - Manage It

Management isn't just about where you host your website, it's about having a web geek in your back pocket who keeps an eye on your website to ensure it stays healthy and happy. The most important ongoing issues are the site speed, uptime and the security of your website. Our aim is to ensure that we give you the level of support you need at a fair price. Management can also cover ongoing marketing efforts in order to get you the right exposure. These efforts may cover Google Ads, SEO and Social Media Marketing.