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Web Design Done Right

Web Design and Online Success requires creative flair, wise strategy and ongoing tracking. 

Our aim is to become your trusted and highly profitable web department. As contributing experts within your business, we’ll provide you with the tools, technology and tactics to become both profitable and recognised. 

We start by getting to know you and your business. Also by giving you a chance to get to know us. Then, when we both know this relationship can work, we become your outsourced web department.

We set you up with a site management package, assemble the team and create your website. Then we build on these strong foundations to generate traffic to your site. We hope to be working with you for many years to come.

Guidance Video vs Live Consultation
In a guidance video, we give you an idea of how your menu structure should be planned and why. Whereas, In a live consultation, we flesh out your needs with you in order to ensure the site is optimal. We also gather all of the information needed for your ‘website build’ to be successful.

Client Supplied vs Content Guidance
Content Guidance is where we create a simple guide for your website content. So, you will be able to use this guide to write the content you need for each page of your website

WordPress CMS
We always create our sites on a clean WordPress foundation. But with no ‘Site Builders’ and as few plugins as we can, we ensure maximum security.

SEO Suggestions vs SEO Planning Summary
Suggestions will come in the form of a list of search terms and monthly search numbers. However, SEO Planning is an in-depth plan to which you will receive a summary of which page should rank for which search term and the numbers. So, there is a lot more work in Planning.

Fast Design vs Homepage Wireframe
With a Fast Design, we will create the site design (with your colours) on the fly in order to get your website churned out fast. Wireframes can only be made on the foundation of good planning.

Onsite SEO
All of our sites are onsite SEO ready, Pagespeed optimised and ready to accommodate the search terms you want to rank for. In short, high quality.

As Web Designers, we love to:

  • Firstly, plan a website strategy to gear your site for success
  • Secondly, create a website which delivers a great user experience
  • Thirdly, offer value-added services to assist with your online needs
  • Finally, ensure the need for website updates is catered to long term

We adapt proven principles:

When building your website, we adapt proven online marketing principles to your site strategy.  So our website packages, whilst capitalising on years of experience and expertise, will deliver a customised, flexible marketing solution. The results speak for themselves!

Our Web Design, Management and Online Marketing Services include:-

  • Domain Names Purchase + Management.
  • Website Hosting + Management.
  • Graphic Design + Branding.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Google Ads Setup + Management.
  • Content Creation + Distribution.
  • Website Sales Videos.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.

Our Past Web Design Work

Because Sites By Design has been around since early 2010, we have created our fair share of websites. Subsequently below is a list of some of those sites. Feel free to browse through them, however, some of these sites were built in the earlier days of our trading and may need to be updated or replaced.

Feel free to click through to any of these websites to the full experience!

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