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Hi, I’m Scott Nailon. I spent over 10 years building Sites By Design into the great business system it is today! I want to thank you for trusting my team and me with your online presence. 

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If you want “Filler Content” Please just Type “Filler Content” and our team will fill the site with filler text and images until you are ready to choose new content. However, there may be a fee to change the filler content in the future so be sure to either give us content now or even enquire about the rate for later.

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Once we have your project underway we will email you a request to upload your logo and any images you wish to have on your site. Please watch for this email! Our suggestion is to name the image files what they are.

For example:

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Make it as logical as you can so that our web admins can work fast to get your site completed in the fastest time!

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