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What is Web Hosting?

web hosting sydney

As a business owner with a website, you will need Web hosting. Your website needs to be stored on a server. In other words, a server on a permanent internet connection with backup power. In short, this server is a very important part of your web presence if it fails your website stops showing. 

You have a number of factors at play here. The number of different websites are sharing that same server is a big factor. Or, the resources allocated to the server and even the resources allocated to your individual hosting account.

You should ensure that you’re not fooled by the promises of massive storage or bandwidth (transfers). They mean nothing to you if there is no allocated resources to use them! Promise of high storage and bandwidth with hidden resource restrictions is like buying a car with a 1-litre fuel tank. Pointless!

Sites By Design vs Cheap Web Hosting

The web industry is full of cheap web hosting solutions. You will find them everywhere you look! That’s because they make huge profits from their web hosting services. Take a look around, you will find that most web hosting companies compete on price. They compete with $4.95 vs $2.95 vs $1.97, the race is on for the cheapest web hosting around.

Unfortunately, most customers who chase the cheapest price don’t have the future support needs in mind. But they’ll be calling through to another country when they need support. And they just don’t know it yet. In addition, they receive ‘place card’ support queues read to them by people who don’t really understand their problem. Above all, they discover those same people don’t really care by the end of the call too.

We Give Attentive Local Support

Our premium hosting clients enjoy phone support with our team. So, when you do need support, you can rest assured that you can call us. Call to talk with sitting in Australia who is ready to help take the stress away as soon as possible.

Secure Local Australian Web Hosting Servers

Not at Sites By Design, we charge honestly for our support and include web hosting as a part of that fee. We believe that you need our support on the internet more then you need a cheap web hosting solution. Our servers are hosted in Australia in world-class facilities, this offers our clients, security, support and peace of mind.

We Don’t Overcrowd Our Servers Like Most

Our Servers host no more than 250 clients per server at any time.
So you’re not jammed onto an overcrowded server with 1000 other businesses. Businesses who are experiencing the same website dropouts and email issues as the rest. Our resources aren’t spread thin, they are used wisely and for our client’s interests in mind.

Website Management

At Sites By Design we backup our web design services with access to our Website Management Services. Our Website Management services are the result of us listening to clients for years about their unhappiness with most web services. We listened as they told us they wanted more.

Most web designers bill you for a website and give you simple hosting. Then you rarely hear from them after that. They don’t offer to take responsibility for your site going forward. The end result of this is often a website which has been hacked or breaks for some unknown reason. We have 3 Website Management Packages that are designed with our client’s needs in mind.

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