Let’s be real! What happens to most brochures that pass through your hands? Straight into the recycle bin? Right? To avoid being part of the ‘most’ and instead be a member of the ‘few’, you need both strategy and design shaping your promotional document.

    • Why do only a few designs win your attention?
    • Why do very few engage your interest?
    • Why do even fewer inspire action?

We can assure you it isn’t just the information, it isn’t just the graphics, it isn’t just the offer, and it almost certainly is never a fluke. There is method – and even a little creative madness – drawing you towards a goal.

Working with you, we can help craft the structure, phrases, headlines, information, graphics, offers and more that combine to become your winning brochure design.

And what is a ‘winning’ brochure? One that engages your potential customer and inspires them to act, thereby proving itself as a great investment!

We understand this.

Providing a variety of size, fold, paper stock and print quality options, we can work with you to achieve your goals.

Make contact and tell us what you’re planning. Your journey to brochure success is easy to start, painless in process, and can produce very rewarding results.

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Logo Design

Nothing represents your company so boldly or frequently as your logo. It is your flag, your emblem, your call to arms! It is the first item viewed when people look at your website, stationary, uniforms, vehicle skinning, and all your promotional mediums. Your logo must shout loudly and evocatively to all who view it. You must get it right!

If you are at the level of the Commonwealth Bank, Nike or Woolworths, then you have a few hundred thousand dollars to invest. You have the option of creating an obscure logo or simple wording, and then advertising it extravagantly and expensively to establish brand identification. But, if you aren’t at that level, you need a different solution.

Small and medium businesses need a logo that not only looks good, but one that also communicates a message. It should say what you do, be memorable, transferable, describable …and more. It also needs to do all this instantaneously. Fonts, shapes, layouts, colours, wording, must combine to create a strong message that wins your customer’s confidence, evokes desired feelings, and leaves a memorable impression.

The difference between ordinary and effective is in the strategy. The difference between effective and exceptional is in the artistry.

We can help you experience a logo solution that delivers those differences.

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Business Cards

In an age of pace, when so much is done online or by phone, there is still great value in creating a stunning first impression.

A beautiful and effective business card will:

  • Improve your initial impact,
  • Set the stage for immediate mutual respect,
  • Provide a casual opening to canvas opportunities,
  • Provide others with an easy way to refer you to their associates, and
  • Provide a portable contact point for future sales.

Your business card says a lot about you. Don’t get it wrong and squander opportunities. Sure, there are some seriously low budget options available, but how many lost sales will that initial ‘saving’ cost you?

Usually, budget cards lack message, design and card quality. They do not impress. In fact, these cards might communicate a message that is the exact opposite of what you desire. If you want to make a professional and effective impression, we have the right solution for you.

Consider the advantages of having us design and produce your business card:

  • The message and feel of your card will be in harmony with your website, generating immediate trust for visitors that access your site via your business card.
  • The same designer who creates your website will create your business card.
  • Cards are double sided, high resolution and on superior quality stock.
  • If you want, you can buy the digital masters for printing elsewhere.
  • Minor alterations (for extra staff etc.) are done without charge.
  • Reprints are done at lower rates.

Talk to us about your business card needs. We’ve got a stable and growing body of satisfied clients who enjoy the benefits.

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Why blogging is good for business

1blogFor a long time, Australian business people have frowned upon blogging. Few businesses have embraced it and usually for reasons that seemed to make sense at the time. This article will explain how you really do have something worthwhile to give and how your efforts can benefit your business. Sure, blogging is good for building your authority in Google’s eyes, but it also offers less obvious benefits.

Putting it in writing can save you time

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Inbound Marketing explained

sales funnelBefore we explain what Inbound Marketing is, you need to understand that a sales funnel is a diagram of how your online marketing strategy works. 

Businesses all around the world use sales funnels every day to ensure their business continues to attract more clientele – therefore growing.

Many sales funnels utilise the following action steps:

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Content Writing

Creating content to stir Google and visitors to action

copywriter sydneyMost businesses do not have the luxury of targeting only one customer type. Neither do websites. For some visitors, a professional and trust generating appearance will be all they need. For others however, drilling down and searching for more will be their way. 

Many of these clients will quickly move on if your content does not answer their questions, motivate them or cater to the nuances of their personality type.

Poor quality copy (or wording) is an almost certain way to lose visitors. It is also a sure-fire way to lose the love of Google.

Good copy however, will convert visitors into sales leads as well as improve your search engine performance. 

This is why we have a variety of talented copy writers on team who take their job very seriously.

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Privacy Policy

Version 3  Updated 12 March 2014

1.  Where this policy makes reference to “we”, “our” or “us” it is referring to Faith Computing Pty Ltd trading as Sites By Design, our affiliates or any respective directors, officers, employees, agents, contributors, third party content providers or licensees involved in service or product provision. 

2.  We respect the privacy of users, sponsors and business partners and are committed to ensuring the protection of your information.

3.  This policy outlines the main principles of our information handling practices, so you can feel secure and confident about how we manage any personal information you entrust to us. We are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and its National Privacy Principles (“NPPs”).

4.  Our Privacy Policy deals with the following: collection, use and disclosure of personal information, accuracy and security of personal information collected, whether we will (or are likely to) disclose your personal information to overseas recipients and the countries where such recipients may be located, your right of access to personal information we hold about you and how you can correct this information, how you may make a complaint about the way we collect, hold, use or disclose personal information, and how we will deal with Privacy related complaints.

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The importance of Testimonials

importance of testimonialsWhen you have a website, it is there for one major purpose (besides giving information), and that purpose is to convert a visitor into a sales lead. Many people out there create fake testimonials, and this can sometimes be obvious to potential clients who will then be put off contacting you due to the obvious insincerity you have shown in using fake testimonials.

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Mistakes made when Marketing via eNewsletter

Newsletter MarketingIt has come to my attention through receiving countless email newsletters per week that the ones who never change their template / images at the header – end up not being looked at… There needs to be a constant changing of the content to show new, unique and different content, otherwise people look at the eNewsletter and just think “Same old crapola from this guy” and delete it.

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