IP Australia

What is IP?

IP is Intellectual Property and is an important thing to know about if you are in business both online and offline!

The best way I can help you learn a possible lesson is to tell you a story from the formation of our business!

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Online Business Plan

Any experienced business graduate will tell you that you must ‘Plan your Business’ before launching it, and that if you don’t there will be consequences in earlier or later stages, you could go out of business due to a lack of cash flow, not deliver on a big job which you were not ready to take on or even put too much stock in the wrong people and become totally let down!

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Finding Web Design in Sydney

At Sites By Design we deal with clients looking for web design in Sydney and the rest of Australia. We already have websites dominating places like The Southern parts of Sydney, those bring us in a steady amount of business, we even have an office located in Miranda as well as one in the Sydney SBD.

Since writing this blog the industry has changed a lot. WordPress has become the default CMS and is a powerhouse for web design.

Scott Nailon – 2018

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Small Business Marketing

Small business marketing can be daunting!

So, you’re working for a boss one day who is a total and utter ball of stress, he explodes every hour on the hour and pushes everyone around all the time. It seems no one can do better than him! But not without small business marketing…

Finally your day comes …

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Web Hosting Sydney – Save money by investing wisely

It is true; there are some really cheap hosting services out there. Some have their own servers and others are resellers (pretenders who rent a portion of someone else’s technology).

Usually you don’t know the difference until something goes wrong; then of course, what seemed like a great saving becomes an expensive mistake. Blame shifting begins, help is hard to find and surprise bills start to come your way.

Cheap hosting providers also rarely admit that there are admin’ tasks and periodic upgrades that help your website function. If these are not done, your website’s performance and security can be compromised. Hackers and malicious software threats do exist and these threats are continually on the rise. If your site is breached, it can be blacklisted, your email and Google ranking impacted and your site’s overall performance hindered. 

web hosting sydneyFor these reasons and more, your website needs to be hosted and supported on a local, fast, stable, secure, abundantly resourced and premium technology server.

Sites by Design owns and operates its own servers, we place no more than 350 sites per server and have Australian technical support and provisioning for emergencies. 

With our Business Support service, you receive a fully managed service (if you need something, just ask), unlimited website storage, unlimited bandwidth, hourly snap-shot back-up technology and more.

You can rest easy knowing your website is backed by great technology and committed expertise; we are your web department after all.

Phone or request contact to learn more.

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Web Services – Our Business Model

We become your team in a partnership for success

Web Design SydneyOur aim is to become your trusted and highly profitable web department. As contributing experts within your business, we’ll provide you with the tools, technology and tactics to become both profitable and recognised. 

We start by getting to know you and your business and giving you a chance to get to know us. Then, when we both know this relationship can work, we become your outsourced web department.

We set you up with a Business Support package, assemble the team and create your website,  then build on these strong foundations to generate traffic to your site. We hope to be working with you for many years to come.

Investing in ‘Business Support’ 

  • Our Business Support Package is our way of servicing your needs and enhancing your performance. Business Support members enjoy access to our expertise as well as our secure, maintained and optimised technology.
  • Much more than mere hosting, Business Support is a commitment on our part to be an available resource when you are seeking web-wisdom. We are easy to reach, quick to respond, flexible and accommodating. We do not do ‘one-night-stands’ where a website is made and then you are left to fend for yourself. We help you build an ever increasing web presence that creates leads. 
  • We look after your domain, website and email, but we also do more. In addition to our website and traffic generation expertise, our premium Sydney-based servers are optimised, uncrowded, constantly backed-up, vigilantly protected, faster than most and Google respected. 

Web Design Sydney

Creating your lead-generating website 

Our cohesive team will come together to make you look your best and to ensure your site performs at its best. Purposefully treated with both strategy and beauty in mind, we respond to your specific needs, industry, customer profiles, preferences and strategic intents. The methods employed are tried and proven, however we fine-tune their application according to your unique needs. 

You only have moments to secure your visitor before they move on. Therefore, every design factor needs to be weighed and evaluated. We ask lots of questions and deliberately follow a process designed to create a lead generating machine. 

Generating traffic

  • The final step is Traffic Generation. We can help you secure local traffic or even help you dominate your industry Australia wide. Our team has the experience, expertise and commitment required to help you succeed. Our current clients testify to this fact!
  • We’ll be honest with you about the journey. Having a site that ranks rarely happens by accident. Nor is it cheap. The days of spending $50 a month to employ 20 third world employees to create back-links are over. Google (and the rest) are neither stupid nor lazy, however for those who are willing to read their constant updates, play by their rules and adapt as required, the rewards can be astounding.
  • Just like with your website, we ask lots of questions (including some that might surprise you about your products, services, profit margins, turnover and more). We do this to determine what specific search terms are worth your effort. We want your campaign to be an investment that returns rich rewards. Just like your website, every question, every protocol and every analysis has a purpose.   
  • No business is the same. No campaign will be exactly alike. However, purchase ready searchers are online now and we want them to find you.

Can you secure them? Make contact and we’ll investigate your options.

If you would like to benefit from having your own web department, for a fraction of the price, just call or complete the form on the right. 

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